27th December – last show of the year. Sleaford & District C S open show. Snow on the ground and very wet floors. Erin took 1st in puppy and best puppy in breed under Simon Luxmoore (Hushwing/Zima).

7th December – Lincoln Canine Society open show. Judge Karen McDevitt (Caronlea) gave Erin 2nd in puppy behind Corydon Riffson.

30th November – Collie Association CH Show. Breed specialist judge Rod Slater placed Erin 1st in the puppy bitch class, the largest class of the day, whilst Mia was unplaced in junior bitch.

22nd November – NSFKA open show. Judge Ken Jessop (Corsky) placed Mia 1st in junior and Erin was reserve in puppy.

16th November – Bolsover & District C S open show. Judge Mr R Dunlop (Habiba) placed Mia 1st in the junior class and Erin 1st puppy, best puppy in breed, reserve best of breed and puppy group 4.

24th October – Midland Counties CH Show and breed specialist judge Derek Smith (Clickam). Talia and Jake were unplaced in their open classes but Geno took 1st in junior dog and 2nd in yearling dog whilst Erin was placed 2nd in a large minor puppy bitch class, won by Corydon Victoriana for Demelewis who went on to be best puppy in breed.

18th October – Grantham & District C S open show. Judge Nina Strange gave Erin 1st in junior, best puppy in breed and puppy group 2.

5th October – EACA open show. Judge Verna Hills (Devern) gave Geno 2nd in yearling dog, Erin VHC in minor puppy bitch and Mia unplaced in her yearling class. Never a bad day at this show though as always friendly and a good catch up with friends.

6th September – Richmond CH Show under all round judge Jeff Luscott (Jalus). A good day for us. Geno was given 3rd in junior dog and 2nd in yearling dog. Mia won the junior bitch class but the star of the day was Erin who won the minor puppy bitch class and in the puppy challenge went on to be given Best Puppy in Breed.

31st August – Yorkshire Collie Club CH Show to round off the month. Erin unplaced in minor puppy bitch and Mia VHC in junior bitch under judge John Congdon (Aaronwell). For the dogs judge Tomas Rohlin (Rollington) placed Geno 1st in both the junior dog and graduate dog classes. This gave him his final 3 points for his junior warrant. Erin’s brother and Geno’s half brother Corydon the Ringleader to the RCC.

16th August – Welsh kennel Club CH Show.  Erin’s very first show and a bit of a trek for a 6 month old puppy. Judge Andrew Brace placed her 1st in a large minor puppy bitch class so very pleased with her. Geno and Mia were both placed 3rd in their respective junior dog and bitch classes.

7th August – an end to a long week at Bakewell Premier open show with Mia placing 2nd in junior and Geno doing the same in graduate.

4th August – up for another early start as Geno and myself set off for the Paignton CH Show. We hadn’t been to this venue before but although a long drive is a direct route and easy to find. Breed specialist judge Steve Barrett (Brooklynson) gave Geno the junior dog and graduate dog classes.

3rd August – EACA CH Show down in Littleport, Cambridgeshire. A very hot day as always at this show and a busy one, as I had taken 4 dogs down. Breed specialist Lene Newman (Phreelancer) awarded Mia 1st in the junior bitch class and Talia reserve in the open bitch class, behind her daughter Mejola Maid with Class. Breed specialist John Blake (Corydon) was judging the dogs. Jake got himself placed VHC in limit dog after getting all silly with the judge. Geno however was a star. He was placed 1st in junior dog and then went on to take the Challenge Certificate, his and our kennel’s first. Both judges then awarded him Best of Breed in the challenge and judge Lisa Pettit (Lakebank) gave him Reserve Best in Show to the lovely smooth. What a day to remember! 

28th July was a very sad day for me. We had to say goodbye to Cora (Corydon Coracat for Mejola). She was my first ever Corydon bitch and had produced 3 wonderful litters. She had been struggling to walk for some months but was all there in her mind and still wanted to play with the ball despite not being able to go after it. Her back legs were dragging behind her and her feet were getting badly cut. The vets could do nothing but give anti-inflammatories so I reluctantly decided to let her go. She did me one very massive last favour though. We got home after the event and sat down to eat. We were now down to 6 but 2 of them are only 12 months and Erin only 5 months old. Our back gate had accidentally been left unlocked after workmen had been, although still on a latch. I can only assume a gust of wind blew it open because the first we knew was we saw the dogs running across the road. Ours is a very busy road with lorries and buses, but that night only a couple of cars, which thankfully screeched to a halt. We ran outside in slippers, John shouted Faye and Talia who duly returned to the garden but the four others had disappeared on to the estate. I got across the road and saw the four of them disappearing round a corner. Knowing running after them was useless I took one chance on catching their attention. I shouted ‘Big Jake’ at the top of my voice, as I always do when I greet him. Jake stopped in his tracks and came careering back to me and the 3 youngsters turned and followed him. I had to make a quick decision on which two I was grabbing. I knew Jake would stay near me so I got Geno under one arm and Erin under the other. Thankfully Mia stayed near her brother until John arrived and we carried them all back to safety. All back safe and sound - but our westie had polished off all our food. Nobody will ever convince me that Cora wasn’t watching over them that night!

27th July – staying a bit more local. The Alfreton & District C S open show judged by Sue Forman (Suzdans). Geno placed 1st in the junior class.

26th July – off to the Leeds CH Show under judge Christine Casling. Took Geno and Mia but both were unplaced. A very hot day.

12th July – Wombwell & District C S open show. A small show and venue. Just took Geno. Judge Mr D Morrant gave him the post graduate class. All valuable junior warrant points.

5th July – headed down to Peterborough for the East of England CH Show. Judge Betty Peach awarded Mia best puppy bitch and Geno best puppy bitch and best puppy in breed.

15th June – Chesterfield and Pinxton Kennel Association. Judge Gary Haine (Padawan) gave Geno the puppy class and Best Puppy and group judge Barry Alton (Tarpen) gave him puppy group 4.

8th June – Ashfield Canine Society open show is local show for us. Judge Camille Pentland (Sturtmoor) placed Geno 1st in junior but he had to take a back seat to his sister today as Mia took 1st in puppy, best puppy and puppy group 2.

Three Counties CH Show and our day was 5th June. Breed specialist judge Edith Pryor (Aqualita) gave Mia and Talia reserve placings whilst Geno took puppy dog and Best Puppy in Breed. Geno was also shortlisted in the puppy group by judge Jeff Luscott (Jalus).

1st June – Melton Mowbray & District C S open show. Took the boys for a day out. Jake was placed 3rd in open and Geno Best Puppy and Puppy Group 1.

17th May – took the pups to the Loughborough & District C S open show. Judge Neil Ibbotson (Ibbsparr) placed Mia 1st in puppy and Geno 1st in junior and also Best of Breed. This show is not judged on the group system so a larger mix than normal for Best in Show. Geno was shortlisted for Best in Show and then had to do it all again for Best Puppy in Show which he was duly awarded by judge Clare Sharp (Afterglow). Great day for us!

11th May was our day at the Birmingham National CH Show held at the Stafford County Showground. Judge was breed specialist Ros MacDonald (Rossavon). Mia and Talia were unplaced in large bitch classes but Geno won the puppy dog class and was Best Puppy dog losing our in the challenege to the best puppy bitch winner.

4th May – Lancs & Cheshire CH Show at St Helens. Not a good venue as the floor is extremely slippery. Just took Geno but he was unplaced in a large class of 10.

19th April – the Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales CH Show under judge Bev White (). Mia and Talia were unplaced in large classes but Geno gained 2nd place in puppy dog. A proud day for me as Heather (Mejola My Blue Heaven for Corydon), Jake’s litter sister, gained her first CC and Best of Breed which is also the first CC for me as a breeder. Thanks to the Blake’s for looking after this special lady.

13th April – off down to the EACA open show. Always a lovely show and weather behaves itself. Talia won the open class qualifying her for the EACA COTY next January. Geno and Mia were placed 3rd and Reserve respectively.

15th March – West Torrington open show. We always try and support open shows as sadly their numbers are dwindling but I also find it good practice for youngsters with the different venues and floors. Geno was placed 2nd out of 6 in junior and Talia won the open class and Pastoral Group 4 under judge Linda Peirson (Kiltondale).

15th February was the National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society open show with judge Adrian Milligan (Alfsden). Mia won the puppy class and was also given reserve best bitch. Jake took 2nd in open dog and Geno 2nd in junior. As Geno was the only puppy in the junior class he had to go up against his sister for Best Puppy in Breed which he duly won. He showed very well in the puppy group and was given a creditable 4th out of 14 by judge Joe Smith (Mowgli).

Midland Collie CH Show was our next outing on 8th February. Both Geno and Jake were shortlisted in large classes of 14 under breed specialist Joan Fryer-Clark (Vonarkle) but were eventually unplaced. Miranda Blake informed me that she had a litter born the day before the show which were all sables apart from one tricolour bitch. This would turn out to be Erin. 

The first show of the year for us and Geno and Mia’s first show was Manchester CH Show. Judge was breed specialist Sue Randall (Ladnar). We took mum Talia too to put the pups at ease. Mia and Talia were unplaced in big classes of 10 and 11 but Geno was placed 3rd out of 8. Very pleased for their first show that they enjoyed it and weren’t upset by anything.