at 10 years

at 6 years

CH Corydon Once in a Blue Moon (1180CU)
Wicani Waltz of the New Moon (1729CU)
Wicani Whats New Pussycat (3677S)
CH Corydon Blackcat (4340CE)
Wicani Wrenee Dessard
Wicani Dances by MoonlightEilroy Blue Blitz (1409CH)
Wicani Dark-Moon Dancer over Markenfield (1517CL)
Demelewis Muffin Moon With Corydon (3766CS)
Aqualita Class Act With Corydon (3609CQ)
Corydon Black Zambo (AA02796103)
Aqualita Classic Gold
Corydon Be A Madam at Demelewis (Y5030203)
CH Phreelancer Phrosty Moon over Corydon (4007CH)
Corydon Willa Bea (X2000104)
Corydon Coracat for Mejola (AD00385004)CH Corydon Blackcat (4340CE)
Aust CH Moon Wizard at Corydon (2170CB)
CH Lowerpark Moonlighter at Corydon (2680BX)
Corydon Meg's Miss Trishka M2200803
CH Corydon La Stupenda (4268CD)
CH Corydon Gold Spur (0218BZ)
Corydon Alonastar (L4798501)
Corydon Sudden Fancy (Z0079804Z01)
Corydon Sudden Impact (2059CF)
CH Alssala Canny Bairn at Corydon (0261CD)
Moon Witch at Corydon (Q3254202Q03)
Corydon Gold Demelza (1777CG)
CH Alssala Canny Bairn at Corydon (0261CD)
Corydon Gold Delilah (5562BY)

11/04/2010 - 1st Puppy Dog, BPIB & BPIS - WECS Open Show - Judge Angela Harvey (Wicani)

09/05/2010 - 1st Puppy Dog - The National CH Show - Judge Robin Newhouse (Annecy)

06/06/2010 - 1st Puppy Dog - Southern Counties CH Show - Judge Maxine Mellish (Demelewis)

06/06/2010 - 1st Junior Dog - Southern Counties CH Show - Judge Maxine Mellish (Demelewis)

10/06/2010 - 2nd Puppy Dog - Three Counties CH Show - Judge Andrew Brace

04/07/2010 - 2nd Junior Dog - WECS CH Show - Judge Alison Spring (Sindalyn)

09/07/2010 - 1st Graduate Dog - East of England CH Show - Judge Mick Taylor (Bruernish)

23/07/2010 - 2nd Junior Dog - Leeds CH Show - Judge Mr N Smith (Tentola)

13/07/2013 - 1st Limit Dog - NWPBS CH SHow - Judge Miranda Blake (Corydon)

04/08/2013 - 2nd Limit Dog - EACA CH Show - Judge Rainer Vuorinen (Rainwood)

07/09/2013 - 1st Limit Dog - Richmond CH Show - Judge Stuart Mallard (Tuckles)

14/12/2013 - 1st Limit Dog - LKA CH Show - Judge Val Geddes (Ingledene)

06/06/2015 - 1st Open Dog & RBD - British Collie Club Open Show - Judge Marianne Benton (Oakestelle)

01/05/2016 - 2nd Open Dog - Lancs & Cheshire CH Show - Judge Angela Harvey (Wicani)

31/07/2016 - 2nd Veteran Dog - EACA CH Show - Judge Valerie Geddes (Ingledene)

08/08/2016 - 1st Veteran Dog & BVIB - Paignton CH Show - Judge Margaret Wildman (Wildax)



                       Mejola My Blue Harlequin

(CH Corydon Once in a Blue Moon x Corydon Coracat for Mejola)

​                                 12/06/2009-04/07/2019

                             MDR1 Clear, CEA Affected(by DNA)