Ingledene Well Sooted (0944DF)
Ch Beldones Black Illusion (2133CZ)
Ch Chelborn Kiss'N Tell (1230CU)
Ch Samhaven Time Will Tell (0936CU)
Int & Fr Ch Carostar C'est La Vie (Re-Import)
Samhaven Springtime
Brilyn Silver Serenade to Chelborn
Lynaire the Blacksmith
Brilyn Silver Symphony
Aquarelle des Beldones (imp FRA)
Brilyn Black Inspiration
Chrisarion Collier
Ch Brilyn Satin'N Silk at Carostar
Lynaire Something Special
Jopium Touch of Darkness JW
Lynaire Blue Lace
Ch Ingledene All Dressd in Blue JW (2249CX)
Ingledene Mr Majestic
Fci Int DAN NOR Ch Shep's Wannabe Seen (imp DNK)
Uglebjerg Thunderbird
Shep's Keep the Secret
Ingledene She's Majic
INT & GERM Galahad Vom Haus Rukopf
Ch Seabound's She's All That for Ingledene (imp SWE)
CH Black Gary La Dame Chere at Ingledene (imp FIN) (1751CS)
Echuca Big Bang
Swed Nor Ch Seamist Steely Dan
NOR CH Chesseva's Classic Charming Sammie
FCI INT FIN&EST CH Black Gary La Grande Dame (ATCAG00924FIN)
Ingledene Powerplay
FCI INT & EST CH Black Gary Evening Elysee
Sunwind's Snow Qandy of Phreelancer (imp SWE)
Milas Snow Fever
AM CH Wyndlair Cherokee Exclamation
Am Ch Classique Midnight Vision
Am Ch Classique Don Juan de Carlo
Am Ch Classique Call Me
Am Ch Wyndlair Rachel Alexandra
Wyndhaven Avalanche
Wyndhaven Aurora Borealis
Am Ch Touchstone Spring Fever
Am Ch Milas Latin Fever
Am Ch Wyndhaven Stranger in Paradise
Lakewinds Dancestep of Milas
Am Ch Touchstone's Ice Gold
Am Ch Wyndhaven Stranger in Paradise
Touchstone Filigree
Sunwind's I'm All Glamour
CH DAN CH Shep's Gonzales Que Guapo (ATCAP00668DNK)
Int DK & Nort Ch Pahlex Easy Money
Am Ch Tartanside Allegiance
Int DK & Nor Ch Corydon La Suprema
Shep's Xperience
Int DK & Nor Ch Shep's Wannabe Seen
Krosby Gipsy Queen
NOR CH Takanja's Fearless in Blue
SF Ch Hawkeire's Spirit O'Barksdale
Am Ch Barksdale Murphy of McLean
Tartanside Barksdale Mirage
Int DK & Nor Ch Ella Fitzgerald av House of Blues
Nor Ch Takanja's Blues by Night
Nor Ch Chesseva's Edge of Freedom


                        Phreelancer Phederal Agent

 Ingledene Well Sooted x Sunwind's Snow Qandy of Phreelancer


MDR1 Affected, CN Clear, CEA affected(by DNA), DM Clear,

​                     DMS AAbb(002:01/002:01)