at 12 months

CH Demelewis Dark Moon Driftin over Corydon (0960CR)
Aqualita Class Act With Corydon (3609CQ)
Corydon Black Zambo (AA02796103)
CH Corydon Blackcat (4340CE)
Corydon Gold Demelza (1777CG)
Aqualita Classic Gold
CH Corydon Il Supremo (1295CI)
Aqualita Meg's Gold
Corydon Be A Madam at Demelewis (Y5030203)
CH Phreelancer Phrosty Moon over Corydon (4007CH)
CH Brilyn Rum N Black (421CA)
Corydon Silver Moon (2721BC)
Corydon Willa Bea (X2000104)
CH Corydon Blackcat (4340CE)
Corydon Whisper Willow (0221CD)
Corydon Fancy Me JW (0919CQ)
CH Corydon Il Supremo (1295CI)
CH Sogno Del Narciso with Pelido
CH Pelido Careless Love
CH Pelido French Maid
CH Corydon La Stupenda (4268CD)
CH Corydon Gold Spur (0218BZ)
Corydon Alonastar (L4798501)
Corydon Sudden Fancy (Z0079804Z01)
Corydon Sudden Impact (2059CF)
CH Alssala Canny Bairn at Corydon (0261CD)
Moon Witch at Corydon (Q3254202Q03)
Corydon Gold Demelza (1777CG)
CH Alssala Canny Bairn at Corydon (0261CD)
Corydon Gold Delilah (5562BY)

09/05/2009 - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch - The National CH Show - Judge Steve Barrett (Brooklynson)
04/07/2009 - RBPIS - The Great A1 Show - Judge Bob Gaye
12/07/2009 - 1st Puppy Bitch & BPIB - WECS CH Show - Judge Jeff Luscott (Jalus)

29/08/2009 - 2nd Puppy Bitch - Scottish Kennel Club CH Show - Judge Stuart Mallard (Tuckles)

13/12/2009 - 2nd Junior Bitch - LKA CH Show - Judge Derek Smith (Clickam)
23/01/2010 - 1st Junior Bitch - Manchester CH Show - Judge Margaret Wildman (Wildax)

06/06/2010 - 1st Post Graduate Bitch - Southern Counties CH Show - Judge Maxine Mellish (Demelewis)
03/09/2011 - 1st Open Bitch - City of Birmingham CH Show - Judge Angela Harvey (Wicani)

04/01/2015 - EACA Adult Collie of the Year - Judges Tomas Rohlin (Rollington) & Henriette Pahl (Pahlex)

Winning EACA Adult COTY 2015


                                Corydon Maid for Mejola

(CH Demelewis Dark Moon Driftin over Corydon JW x Corydon Fancy Me JW)


                                      MDR1 Carrier, CEA Affected(by DNA)